Clinical Documentation Reimagined

Dictation Capture

CascadeMD seeks to dramatically reduce any provider’s data entry load, effectively freeing up more time for productive patient consultations, increasing their efficiency and improving profitability. In addition, established transcription groups are able to use CascadeMD to substantially reduce costs and increase income.

Using our Intuitive mobile app, you can create, save and upload all of your dictations.

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Job Routing

Our state of the art natural language voice to text and AI inferencing engine will capture relevant data and populate the providers EMR of choice with little or no manual transcription required.

Optimize efficiency by setting up automated job assignment rules for your workforce.

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Speech Recognition

Cascade's AI Engine will extract meaningful information from your dictation and populate your EHR for you. Experience an increase in revenues by reducing time spent on transcription and data entry.

Smooth, efficient and accurate transcription by converting your voice dictation to text using our AI-powered speech recognition engine.

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Inference Engine

Cascade's advanced inference engine utilizes natural language processing to provide you with accurate and actionable insights from your patient transcriptions, improving patient care.

Get more out of transcription with our powerful inference engine. Your natural language is transformed producing accurate and actionable insight about your patients.

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Plans for Facilities and Clinics of all sizes


  • 30 Minutes of Dictation
  • Automated Transcription using Inference and AI
  • 60 days Free Trial



Everything in Free +

  • Configurable Turn-Around-Time
  • EMR/EHR Integration
  • 60 days Free Trial



Everything in the Basic Plan +

  • Unlimited Dictation minutes
  • Configurable Dictation workflow
  • Multi-Provider, Multi-Transcriptionist, Multi-Facility capabilities
  • 60 days Free Trial