Physician Burnout and Wellbeing

May 11 | CascadeMD

Especially now, Physicians and clinicians are at high risk for burnout. The health care environment is filled with packed workdays, time pressures, demanding pace, and emotional intensity. Burnout is a continuing stress reaction that has symptoms such as emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and imposter syndrome (a lack of sense of personal accomplishment).  

One source of burnout for physicians and clinicians can be traced to  the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs). One of the goals of Electronic health records was to help physicians and clinicians combat burnout in the workplace by making the information they need about a patient easily available and reducing the stress they face associated with getting the best and most current information about a patient. However, the implementation of an EHR and keeping the data current has been found to contribute to burnout. Recent research discovered practices that implement EHR’s saw an increase in stress as EHR use matured. The outcome was a gradual decline in EHR adoption and use without stress levels returning to baseline. Furthermore, shorter visits which required more EHR interactions each day, were related to physician stress, burnout, and intent to leave the practice.

How CascadeMD can Help 

CascadeMD’s vision is Clinical Documentation Reimagined. By using our mobile and web apps, physicians and clinicians can dictate an entire patient visit on the device of their choosing including tablets and mobile phones. Our state-of-the-art natural language voice to text and AI Inferencing engine captures all the relevant data and then populates the providers EMR of choice with little to no manual transcriptionthus, reducing time spent on transcription and data entry. Our mission is to help healthcare providers focus on patients by reducing the stress of administrative overhead, and reducing physician and clinician burnout. 

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