EHR documentation burden on physicians and clinicians

May 18 | CascadeMD

Hospitals must find new solutions to reduce EHR documentation burden on physicians and clinicians

In 2019, the New York Times released an op-ed reinforcing a widespread feeling among physicians in the US: that too much time is being spent documenting their work into electronic health record (EHR) software. According to recent estimates, physicians spend about 50% of their workday documenting in their EHR, significantly reducing the amount of time spent on patient care. 

It is time for clinics, hospitals and healthcare systems to find new solutions to reduce the EHR documentation burden on physicians and clinicians. Reducing the time spent on EHR documentation will improve the patient and doctor experience in addition to increasing hospital performance as more time can be focused on revenue-generating activities. Although the EHR documentation requirements cannot be reducedcapturing voice dictations can be done in order to automate more of the data input to lessen the documentation burden the healthcare system is facing. EHRs hold a wealth of data, but it is clear that new avenues need to be explored to reduce administrative overhead and increase documentation efficiency. One solution for eliminating redundant data-entry documentation in EHRs is to implement a natural language processing tool which allows healthcare providers to dictate an entire patient visit on a device of their choosing. Natural language voice processing tools capture relevant data from a patient visit and populate the providers EMR of choice with little or no manual transcription required.  

With this the goal of solving this problem in mind, CascadeMD set out to “Re-imagine Clinical Documentation” by creating our state-of-the-art natural language voice to text and AI inferencing engine. Getting started is easy and can be done online at  Using CascadeMD, you will spend less time on administrative overhead and manual data entry with more time available for patients. This not only enhances the healthcare experience but can also reduce costs by streamlining the process and limit the need for manual intervention.  

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