CascadeMD Announces Next Generation of Medical AI-Driven Speech-to-Text Solution

Mar 16 | Brent Lauinger

CascadeMD,, a South Florida healthcare software provider, announced today the general availability of CascadeMD, a cloud-based clinical documentation solution that uses several proprietary technologies including multi-lingual Speech to Text, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate the process of populating data fields in an Electronic Medical Record from voice dictation. Cascade elegantly combines the benefits and convenience of traditional full-text dictation with support for modern EMR systems.

CascadeMD seeks to dramatically reduce any provider’s data entry load, effectively freeing up more time for productive patient consultations, increasing their efficiency, and improving profitability. In addition, established transcription groups are able to use CascadeMD to substantially reduce costs and increase income.

When asked about how CascadeMD was born, David Hanowski, CEO of CascadeMD, said, “Providers across the healthcare system have been doubling-up as data entry operators, or, at best, editors, for a good chunk of their time each day; they needed help. At the same time, Cascade greatly simplifies clinical documentation and is the perfect tool for traditional transcription companies to streamline their operations and offer new services while dramatically reducing their own costs.”

The product includes an intuitive mobile app for iOS or Android or can be used with any existing dictation device. It is tailored to suit the needs of a wide range of healthcare providers from independent physicians, small practices, large physician groups to large hospitals, as well as transcription organizations and is compatible with a wide range of EHR/EMR applications.

About CascadeMD

CascadeMD is headquartered in Plantation, FL. Powered by sophisticated AI, as well as a powerful and configurable workflow engine, CascadeMD allows the automatic population of structured medical records by transcribing, understanding, and processing conventional clinical dictation. CascadeMD’s mission is to enable doctors and healthcare providers to see more patients and be more profitable by greatly simplifying clinical documentation reducing the costs and inefficiencies of manual transcription.

For more information, please contact: David Hanowski,