Applying technology to the delivery of quality long-term care

Jun 09 | CascadeMD

It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway for clarity: Physician involvement in nursing facilities is essential to the delivery of quality long-term care (Role of the Attending Physician in the Nursing Home”,

Eliminating barriers to functional care team collaboration is essential for high quality care and outcomes for the skilled nursing resident. Technology must facilitate- rather than impede- effective communication for healthcare organizations to deliver care as efficiently as possible and to reduce negative outcomes such as never events and unplanned hospital readmissions.

Coordinated participation in one single clinical documentation platform is a persistent challenge in care delivery. Providers commonly work across multiple organizations and care venues, and the system of record at any given skilled nursing facility may be unfamiliar or difficult to access or utilize effectively during a busy day of seeing patients.

“Logistic challenges” are commonly cited as a significant reason for communication breakdown between physician and nurse in the skilled nursing facility ( Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and system integration can eliminate the logistic challenges of sharing crucial patient information between members of the care team. When embedded in solutions that are easy to access and easy to use, these advanced technologies can facilitate successful, meaningful and dynamic collaboration. “Meeting the provider where they are” is key to mitigating the challenges associated with electronic health care delivery communication and coordination.


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