3 Steps to Make Clinical Documentation Easier Than Ever

May 18 | CascadeMD

Managing accurate and timely clinical documentation can be challenging for healthcare providers who are already overwhelmed with patient care. However, with CascadeMD you can now streamline the entire transcription process, including updation into EHR, faster than ever. Let us walk you through it.

3 Steps to Make Clinical Documentation Easier Than Ever

CascadeMD, designed as a medical dictation and transcription mobile/web application, aims to automate clinical documentation. By using this application, clinics not only streamline their transcription processes but also update accurate patient information in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This eliminates the need for manual transcription, leading to increased productivity and reduced administrative burden.

Step 1: Dictation

Using CascadeMD’s mobile application, doctors can dictate their patient consultation.  After selecting the designated patient from the patients list, they can begin the medical transcription process by simply dictating the patient encounter. Subsequently, it sends a notification to the doctor’s phone once the transcription has been completed.

Step 2: Review

Once CascadeMD completes the medical transcription, it converts the voice to text, which becomes visible on both the phone and web app. If users find the report unsatisfactory, they have the option to edit it or send it back for further revisions. Additionally, the web interface includes an Inferences tab that extracts data related to the patient and consultation from the text.

Step 3: EHR Integration

After approving the text, CascadeMD automatically and seamlessly updates a progress note and any extracted data through intelligent inference to the EHR. The integration of CascadeMD with PointClickCare, a leading cloud-based software provider for the senior care market, ensures compliance and streamlines data management. Healthcare providers can keep patient data up-to-date in the EHR system without manual labor. CascadeMD seamlessly integrates into the provider’s existing workflow, offering quick deployment and smooth operation.


CascadeMD is an innovative solution to optimize the medical transcription and documentation process in just 3 simple steps. Its ability to deliver accurate and timely medical reports in minutes enhances productivity for healthcare providers. Through the automatic population of patient data into PointClickCare’s resident record, CascadeMD is able to significantly reduce the administrative burden and improve patient care outcomes. What’s more, is that it is a budget-friendly platform that can be incorporated into clinics without disrupting the existing workflow.

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